My journey started when I was 16 years-old and I had a near-death experience.


I was on a plane that almost crashed mid-flight.

During the short time where I was convinced this was the end, I saw my entire life flash before my eyes, in just a few seconds.

But most importantly, I also saw something else.

All the future important life milestones that were meant to happen, but that I hadn't experienced yet in my short life.

While I made it alive and safe, I was left scarred.

And I promised myself one thing: I would never live a mediocre life and always would strive to bring as much impact as possible in this world.

Because tomorrow is not promised.

So I took the leap.

I started a couple of businesses.

None of them made me feel fulfilled.

But after realizing that women are generally earning less than their male counterparts, I became obsessed with helping them grow their own business by monetizing their zone of genius.

And that's how My Coach Rym was born in March 2020.

Imagine this..


- Waking up every morning to new sales calls booked and prospecting sliding into your DMs
- Never worrying where your next client will come from
- Knowing for sure that your next launches will not flop
- Having a reliable system that you can use on repeat to generate engagement and sales
- Be seen as a true expert & the authority in your niche
- Scaling a 6-figure business by attracting soulful clients & making bank
But also...
- Freedom to travel and go on vacay whenever you'd like
- Live the lifestyle that you want
- Control on your own income
- Not having to go back to the office ever again
- Be your own boss and make an impact

 You can simply have it all.

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Media Bio

Rym Benchaar is a business coach and marketing strategist who’s supported Fortune 500 companies with their digital marketing strategy and who founded My Coach Rym, a fast growing coaching and educational company. Her superpower is to help women turn their genius into a 6-figure online business.


After spending 10 years working in the corporate world and growing her business to 6-figures part time, Rym uses her experience to help others build their own business while juggling a full time job and reaching financial freedom.


Her business added over $225K in revenue in just 15 months and already helped over 100 women pursue their entrepreneurial dreams by growing their business, leaving their 9-5 and hitting a 6-figure income.


Rym has a Bachelors of Business, has worked for Fortune 500 companies as a business and marketing strategist, and has successfully grown a marketing agency to 6-figures before selling it.


With over 11,000 members in her Facebook group and almost 2,000 Instagram followers, she has spoken about various online marketing topics on multiple stages, which include a Tedx Talk.